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The Party Chair® has been an iconic product in the South African furniture market. showcasing its quality, strength and versatility. This chair is the perfect combination of convenience and practicality, offering impressive durability and exceptional loadbearing capacity.

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Since its inception in 1998, the Party Chair® has been an iconic product in the South African furniture market. In an era when the South African consumer would not think about using a furniture product made from any other material besides steel and wood, Unica Plastic Moulders completely transformed the market by showcasing the quality, strength and versatility of the Party Chair®.  Almost 25 years later the Party Chair® has stood the test of time and is still used widely not only throughout South Africa but in the entire Southern African region

The Party Chair® has set the standard since its introduction. Crafted with innovative design and manufacturing techniques, it remains unmatched in quality and durability. The chair is specially designed for heavy-duty use, boasting a strong reinforcing rib structure that ensures robustness and resilience. With a remarkable load-bearing capacity of 200 kg, this chair effortlessly supports individuals of varying sizes, providing comfortable and secure seating. Convenience meets practicality.. Stack up to 20 chairs on top of each other, enabling effortless storage and transportation, making it a preferred choice for events and venues.

The enduring legacy of the Party Chair® speaks for itself. Its reliability and comfort have made it a go-to seating solution for countless events and occasions, earning the trust of customers. This chair also embodies commitment to sustainability, utilizing recyclable materials and promoting eco-friendly practices.

The chair is available in three models: Senior, Junior and Econo.

With countless satisfied customers over the years, the Party Chair® has proven to be a dependable and beloved seating option, loved by event organizers, businesses, and individuals alike.

Color Availability:
Senior: Black, Maroon, Dark Green, Cobalt Blue
Junior: Black, Maroon, Dark Green, Cobalt Blue
Econo: Black

Special colors made to order.

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Senior, Econo, Junior


Black, Maroon, Cobalt Blue, Dark Green


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