Experience the Best of South Africa with Stafross!

At Stafross, our mission runs deep – we’re more than just an online business. We’re passionate advocates for boosting South African talent and fostering a strong, resilient economy right here in our beautiful country!

Nestled between the breathtaking landscapes of Hartbeespoort and Pretoria, our smallholding office serves as a bridge connecting you with the finest quality products crafted by talented South African manufacturers.

What sets us apart? We’re staunch believers in supporting South Africans! We don’t deal in imports – every single product you find at Stafross is proudly made in South Africa. From artisanal crafts to cutting-edge innovations, we showcase the diverse skills and passions of our local talents.

To save time and money while ensuring the best products reach your doorstep, we’ve chosen a different approach: we don’t stock inventory at our office. Instead, most of your orders are sent directly from the factory where they’re made.

Join us in championing local businesses, celebrating craftsmanship, and boosting our economy – because who understands South Africans better than fellow South Africans? 

Browse our collection today and discover the best of South Africa at Stafross!

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