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  • Army Tent

    Stafross Army Tents


    Stafross Army Tents are rugged and durable, proudly manufactured in South Africa. Ideal for family camping or events like weddings, festivals, and family reunions.

  • Stafross PVC Groundsheet Colours

    Stafross Groundsheets


    Stafross Groundsheets are available in two groundsheet options: Lightweight water resistant Polypropylene or heavy duty waterproof 550gsm PVC.

  • Stafross Marquee Tent

    Stafross Marquee Tents


    Stafross Marquee Tents are rugged and durable, proudly manufactured in South Africa. Our Marquee Tents can be utilized for various events and gatherings, such as weddings, festivals, and family reunions, offering a unique and memorable experience for all.



  • Canvas Dome Tent

    Stafross Canvas Dome Tents


    Stafross Canvas Dome Tents are rugged and durable, proudly manufactured in South Africa. The exceptional material and workmanship quality of these tents sets them apart from other bow or dome tents on the market.


  • Tent Flap Weights

    Tent Flap Weights


    Tent Flap Weights are an ingenious way to keep wind, snakes and even monkeys from entering your tent from under the tent flaps.

  • Freezer Bag

    Chest Freezer Bag


    The Chest Freezer Bag keeps your freezer neat, tidy and organised so you can find what you need for the next meal.

    Please see a comprehensive table below for the amount of Chest Freezer bags that fit into most South African freezers.

  • Grid Buddy

    Grid Buddy


    The Grid Buddy is a unique, patented braai grid soaker and cleaning unit designed to clean the dirtiest grid in minutes. This revolutionary braai accessory makes the task of cleaning up after a braai easier and less messy. It ensures a clean grid and a grease-free area around it.

    Watch video here

  • Craft Braai Bag

    Craft Braai Bags™


    Prepare your food in Craft Braai Bags™, from starters, like garlic mushrooms or prawns to main course meats and veggies and grilled fruit for dessert!

  • Max Pegs

    Max Pegs™


    Max Pegs™ replace traditional L shaped tent pegs. Instead of one peg, there are two  components: a 8mm thick hardened spring steel peg and a compression spring.

  • Eliminator

    Eliminator – Hunting Rig


    The NEW Eliminator – Hunting Rig:

    Free Shipping

    You asked and we have made some upgrades!

    • The Deluxe Eliminator has been improved to add cushions to the sides as well.
    • The attachment in front of the windows now has two pockets.
    • One magnet is now used for steadying the rig
    • Straps were added for even more security

    It has never been easier or more comfortable to hunt from the back of your bakkie.

  • Bakkie Box MKII

    Bakkie Box MKII


    The Bakkie Box MKII is the ideal box to store goods on the back of your bakkie. It can hold anything from tools to groceries, clothing, and other items when on holiday, or even while working on-site.

  • Easy Camping Pegs

    Easy Camping Pegs


    Setting up camp has never been easier thanks to Glow-in-the-Dark Easy Camping Pegs kit. With these innovative pegs in hand, you will be able to secure your tent quickly and efficiently, allowing you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. Our kit includes 12 high-quality pegs and matching nut setter conveniently stored in a durable canvas bag, ensuring you have everything you need for your next camping adventure.

  • Advanced Recovery Kit

    12ton Advanced Recovery Kit

    • 1 x 12ton x 10m Heavy Duty Recovery Rope
    • 1 x 12ton x 9m Heavy Duty Kinetic Recovery Rope
    • 2 x 14ton Soft Shackles with protective sleeves
    • 2 x 4.75ton Steel Bow Shackles
    • 2 x 4ton x  Safety Lanyard – 2.5m each
    • 1 x Safety Winch Dampener
    • 1 x 12ton x 3.5m Bridle
    • 1 set x Goat Leather Gloves
    • 1 x Recovery Bag to fit all the items


  • Weekender



    The Weekender is your ideal go-to bag for weekend trips. Designed with practicality and style, this compact companion is just the right size for short getaways.

  • Ford Soft Cover

    Ford Tri-fold® Soft Cover


    The tonneau KING® Ford Tri-fold® Soft Cover is not the average clip-on cover. No drilling or tools are required to do the DIY fitment. The tri-fold® covers can be taken off entirely and put back on in seconds, which allows you to have the complete bin available for use.

  • Tent Peg Roll

    Tent Peg Roll


    The Tent Peg Roll allows you to keep your spring pegs together, preventing damage to your other camping gear. This saves you a lot of space during your camping trip.