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  • Chairs and homeware

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  • Cooking and drinks

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  • Freezer bags

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  • Fuel and Water Tanks

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  • Igloo

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  • Rainwater Tanks

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  • Freezer Bag

    Chest Freezer Bag


    The Chest Freezer Bag keeps your freezer neat, tidy and organised so you can find what you need for the next meal.

    Please see a comprehensive table below for the amount of Chest Freezer bags that fit into most South African freezers.

  • Zippy Blanket

    Zippy Blanket


    The Zippy Blanket is a fleece blanket that can be folded and zipped up to form a cushion.; deal for camping, in the car, at a rugby match.

  • Ice Bucket

    Ice Bucket/Water Bag


    The Ice Bucket/Water Bag is a versatile and practical accessory for activities involving water, ice, or liquids. Whether you’re carrying ice for a picnic, beverages for a party, or using it as a water container, it is the ideal choice for outdoor adventures, social gatherings, and everyday use.

  • Excellent Calcium Fine Granules


    Excellent Calcium Quick Absorbing Fine Granules are less than 1.2mm in size. It is perfect for fast absorption into soil and helps plants to take in the nutrients faster.

  • Book Bag

    Book Bag


    The Book Bag is a convenient addition to your travel or camping equipment. keeping your books safe while travelling, birding, or camping.

  • Utility Bag

    Utility Bag


    The handy Utility Bag is a versatile and durable bag designed to meet a wide range of needs. With its robust construction and thoughtful features, it’s a reliable companion for various uses like for camping, fishing, tool bag or gym bag.

  • Bracket

    Off Road Tank Bracket


    The Off Road Tank Bracket fits any of the 5L, 10L or 20L Off Road Diesel Tanks. Off Road Fuel Tanks and Off Road Water Tanks. Tanks can be mounted directly onto the vehicle’s chassis or body, either inside or outside the vehicle with the bracket.

  • Party chair

    Party Chair®


    The Party Chair® has been an iconic product in the South African furniture market. showcasing its quality, strength and versatility. This chair is the perfect combination of convenience and practicality, offering impressive durability and exceptional loadbearing capacity.

    Please contact us for shipping arrangements.

  • Best Chair

    Best Chair®


    The Best Chair® is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the events and catering industry. The chair is equally suited for use at home or office, providing unmatched comfort, convenience, and versatility.

    Please contact us for shipping arrangements.

  • Lawn Chair

    Lawn Chair


    The Lawn Chair is a versatile and practical outdoor seating option designed to provide comfort and convenience in various outdoor settings. Made from durable and weather-resistant plastic materials, these chairs are well-suited for use on patios, lawns, gardens, beaches, and even camping trips.

    Please contact us for shipping arrangements.

  • Rocky Chair

    Rocky Chair


    The Rocky Chair is the epitome of both luxury and durability, whether placed in a regal setting, in a trendy cafeteria or at home. Its curvy and soft design seamlessly blends into any environment, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

    Please contact us for shipping arrangements.

  • Revo Stool

    Revo Stool®


    The Revo Stool® is meticulously designed to address a specific issue commonly faced with plastic stools, setting it apart as a smart and practical solution. The key feature of the Revo Stool® lies in its independently rotational top. This brilliant design element relieves torsional strain from the legs, effectively preventing breakages.

  • Wheelie Bin

    240L Wheelie Bin


    The best 240L Wheelie Bin you will ever buy. The look and feel of this bin is just different to all other bins. No wobbly lids and wheels falling off! This bin boasts an amazing quality and durability, holding the SABS SANS 1494 Certificate of Compliance to prove its exceptional build.

  • Rainwater Tank 1000L

    Rainwater Tank 1000L


    The Rainwater Tank 1000L is the ideal solution for rainwater harvesting in your house, complex or estate. The tank is a slim fit design allowing it to stand neatly and out the way under the gutter.

    Shipping not included. Please contact us for shipping options.

  • Rainwater Tank 500L

    Rainwater Tank 500L


    The Rainwater Tank 500L with integrated plant bowl allows for a more aesthetically pleasing rainwater harvesting tank to be placed in your garden; complete with a leaf catcher.

    Shipping not included. Please contact us for shipping options.

  • Bucket

    Bucket with Lid


    The fun coloured bucket with a lid adapts to various needs and uses with ease. With its vibrant hues and sturdy design, it brings a splash of joy and functionality to your everyday tasks. We are proud to offer this versatile item in three convenient sizes: 13L, 16L, and 22L, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every purpose.