DIY Gardening Tunnel 4m to 5m wide, Waterproof


The DIY Gardening Tunnel is portable, has no permanent foundations and can easily be assembled, disassembled and moved.  It is anchored with Y-standards which are driven into the ground. The construction is relatively light because it is made out of HDPE tubes.

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We now offer an amazing Waterproof DIY Greenhouse with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Keep bugs and birds off your precious vegetables and have much more control over the success of your gardening efforts.


This waterproof gardening tunnel or greenhouse is easy to assemble and can be moved if necessary. A FREE Tunnel Installation Guide can be downloaded here.

The construction is relatively light because it is manufactured from  HDPE (high-density polyethylene) tubes, aluminium and long-lasting Knipol waterproof shade netting. 

HDPE tubes are uniquely oval-shaped and are reinforced to prevent collapse. The typical lifespan of HDPE is 50 years.

The greenhouse is covered in Knipol, a unique waterproof shade net fabric combining shade netting with a clear laminated high-density polyethylene waterproof coating. Knipol is a reinforced waterproof plastic sheeting that does not discolour. Knipol is a product of the well-known South African company Knittex.

The front and back ends of the tunnel are double-layered. The inner layer is made from 40% shade netting while the outer layer is made from waterproof Knipol. Both layers and the front and back ends have zips. The outer layer can be opened or closed for airflow.

Y-standards are driven into the ground and serve as anchors for the arch poles. The HDPE arch poles and the aluminium spacers are fitted together to form a strong durable construction that is virtually maintenance-free. 

The dome shape can resist the wind very well. Please consult with us if you stay in an extremely windy area.

Our greenhouses come in a wide variety of sizes: small enough for your garden; large enough for your farm or smallholding.

Advantages above a permanent steel structure

  • No permanent foundations
  • Portable
  • No rust issues
  • No painting
  • Hose down to clean

Technical details

  • Width: 4-5 meters ( other widths available here)
  • Length: 3-12 meters
  • Height: 2.2-2.4 meters depending on the width
  • Special requests welcome.

Parts included in the standard kit

  • HDPE plastic arches
  • Aluminium spacers
  • Code 25 Knipol waterproof shade netting
  • 2x Knipol front and back ends with zips
  • 2 x 40% Shade cloth front and back ends with zips
  • Y-standards
  • Cable ties.
  • A ground cover is not included.

Our 5-year manufacturer’s warranty includes materials and workmanship.

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4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m, 20m, 22m, 24m, 26m, 28m, 30m, 32m, 34m, 36m, 38m, 40m, 42m, 44m, 46m, 48m, 50m



Front end / Back end

Zip Front / Solid Back, Zip Front / Zip Back, Zip Front / No Back, No Front / Solid Back, No Front / Zip Back, No Front / No Back


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