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  • Complete Bon Braai



    Braai on any surface: wooden tabletop, the tailgate of your bakkie, camping table… with the BonBraai!

    BonBraai is completely portable and ideal for campers & caravaners, outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, hunters or those who love exploring and having a good braai wherever they may be.

    Shipping included

  • Complete Bon Braai

    BonBraai Beer Can Holder


    The BonBraai Beer Can Holder is made for the BonBraai Base Braai Set. It is made from high-quality stainless steel and holds a 330ml beer can.

  • Bikers Hikers Braai

    Ace Bikers and Hikers Braai


    The Ace Bikers and Hikers Braai is the newest addition to the range of Ace Braais and is ideal for bikers, fishermen, hikers and other adventurers!

    It packs flat and fits easily into a pannier, backpack or fishing box.

    This convenient and portable braai is small but has a few impressive features.

  • BonFire

    BonBraai BonFire


    The BonBraai BonFire is the boma that can be set up anywhere…even on a table!

    It fits snugly onto the BonBraai and is made from heavy-duty stainless steel rings and chains.

  • BonBag

    BonBraai Bag


    The BonBraai Bag is a ripstop canvas bag to carry the BonBraai anywhere. Store the braai and all the accessories together in the strong ripstop bag.

    Please Note:

    • This bag does not include the BonBraai
    • Bag only
  • Spacer

    BonBraai Spacer


    The BonBraai Spacer is an accessory to the BonBraai. It increases the height of the grid when the coals are too hot. The BonBraai Lid can be used on top of the spacer.

  • Lid

    BonBraai Lid


    The BonBraai Lid is made to fit the BonBraai and is used for roasting and smoking various meats. It can be used directly on the BonBraai or with a spacer for larger sized meat cuts.

    Please note:

    • Lid only
    • BonBraai is sold separately
  • Rotisserie

    BonBraai Rotisserie Motor Kit


    The BonBraai Rotisserie Motor Kit is made from durable stainless steel. It is used with the BonBraai Rotisserie Forks and the  BonBraai. 

  • Rotisserie

    BonBraai Rotisserie Forks


    The BonBraai Rotisserie is made from durable stainless steel. Two uprights clip onto the BonBraai frame to hold the motor and skewer.


    • One skewer with two forks
    • Two clip-on uprights

    Not included:

    • Motor
    • BonBraai