Volcano Cookware Large Pot


The Volcano Cookware Large Pot is something to see and experience! This extraordinary pot can be used while while camping or at a braai on hot coals, gas and even your cooking range.

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The Volcano Cookware Large Pot is something to see and experience! This extraordinary pot is perfect for a braai, as it can be used over hot coals or gas and is durable enough to withstand the heat. This South African range of cookware has been designed and made by locals for rugged environments as well as for home use. It can also be used to cook stews and curries, making it a versatile piece of cookware. The robust design of the pot ensures that it is long-lasting and excellent for outdoor use.

This versatile Volcano Cookware Large Pot will allow you to cook for an army or just for a few. It is suitable for cooking and steaming and is easy to use and quick to clean. Suitable for cooking mieliepap during a braai and large enough to accommodate the whole family. Makes popcorn for the whole family and friends!

The 6mm thick aluminium base and improved hard-anodized coating prior to the non-stick coating promote even heat distribution and extend the pot’s life. The non-stick surface will allow you to flip burgers or pancakes just like a pro, and it helps with washing up. It ensures that food doesn’t stick while cooking, making it easier to flip items like burgers or pancakes. This non-stick surface also helps with cleaning up after cooking, as it requires minimal scrubbing and washing, making washing up fast and effortless. The improved hard-anodized coating also helps to extend the life of the pot.


  • Hard anodized

  • Diameter: 29cm

  • Handles: Two stainless steel handles

  • Fits the 29cm glass lid


Please Note:

Lid is not included. Buy here.

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