Excellent Calcium Fine Granules


100% Organic fertilising supplement.

Excellent Calcium Granules improve soil conditions and pH levels.

If you want your plants to grow, Excellent Calcium is the way to go.

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100% Organic fertilising supplement. If you want your plants to grow, Excellent Calcium Fine Granules is the perfect organic way to start up your garden or grow seedlings from scratch.

Organic fertilizers" can describe those fertilizers with an organic – biologic – origin—that is, fertilizers derived from living or formerly living materials. 

Excellent Calcium Fine Granules are less than 1.2mm in size and are perfect for fast absorption into the soil and help plants absorb nutrients faster.


Product Benefits

    • 100% Natural Organic Calcium Carbonate
    • 48% Fast absorption rate 
    • Stabilizes soil pH within +/- 30min (Depending on the acidity of the soil)
    • Soil Restoration - Improves Soil PH levels
    • Nitrogen for Stimulating Photosynthesis
    • Stimulating Plant Growth
    • Prevention of blossom end rot (BER)
    • Increasing Soil Fertility
    • Promoting Vigorous Root Growth
    • Disease Resistance
    • Improves Cellular Wall Structure
    • Improves Membrane Function
    • Macro and Micro Nutrient Intake
    • Advanced Flowering and Fruit Growth
    • Healthier Plants and Leaves
    • Germination of seeds
    • Does not burn roots


Plant Nutrient Content

CaCO3          98%     
N     9.3%
P     0.9%
K     0.6%
Fe     0.2%


Product Directions

Mix with water 1:10

Add 100g of Excellent Calcium Fine Granules to 1Liter of water. Mix well before use. (Do not use in a pressure spray bottle as it may clog; instead, use our Excellent Calcium Booster).

Mix into soil

Add the necessary quantity of Excellent Calcium Fine Granules by mixing it into the soil when re-potting plants or after aerating your soil (poke holes into your soil) of fruit and vegetable gardens, garden beds, fruit trees and lawns.

Sprinkle over soil

Sprinkle necessary quantities of Excellent Calcium Fine Granules over the soil of pot plants, fruit and vegetable gardens, garden beds and lawns.

Application period

Apply Excellent Calcium Fine Granules 1x per week for 3 weeks and thereafter 2x per month. Add Excellent Calcium Booster when plants are withered.

Application quantity

Small to medium plants 5g/ 1 Teaspoon per plant

Large Plants and trees 100g/ 1 1/2 cup per plant

Large areas and lawns 100g/ 1 1/2 cup per m2


Excellent Calcium is available in:

2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg

Download Excellent Calcium Product Information here

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Additional information

Weight N/A

2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg


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