Cattle Rail Rifle Bag Double


The Double Cattle Rail Rifle Bag is a truly unique and essential accessory designed to cater to the needs of serious hunters, offering the perfect combination of convenience and protection.

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The Double Cattle Rail Rifle Bag is a truly unique and essential accessory designed to cater to the needs of serious hunters. This bag offers the perfect combination of convenience and protection, keeping your rifles off the ground during hunting expeditions and ensuring their safety during transportation.

The Double Cattle Rail Rifle Bag features an exceptionally strong and rigid construction, allowing it to securely attach to the cattle rails of your vehicle. With the help of 10 heavy-duty Velcro fasteners that anchor onto two rails, this bag provides a stable and reliable mounting solution. Designed to hold two rifles, it offers a practical and efficient way to transport your firearms while keeping them easily accessible.

Crafted from high-quality 420g ripstop canvas, this Rifle Bag is built to withstand rough treatment. Ripstop canvas is renowned for its resistance to scuffs and tears, ensuring the bag maintains its durability even in demanding environments. The interior of the bag is lined with oxford fabric, a strong and durable material that protects your rifles without causing any damage or scratches. The bag is padded with high-density foam, offering excellent shock absorption to safeguard your firearms from impacts and vibrations. The extra-strong reinforcing throughout the bag maintains its shape and provides optimal protection for your valuable rifles. A padded divider further separates the two rifles, preventing any potential contact or scratching.

To facilitate easy access to your rifles, the top of the Double Cattle Rail Rifle Bag opens by releasing three clips, opening three separate flaps. This design ensures quick and convenient retrieval of your firearms.  Additionally, the bag features handy pouches on the outside, perfect for storing cold drinks or additional ammunition, ensuring all your essentials are within reach.

For effortless carrying when not attached to the cattle rails, the bag is equipped with two stitched handles. These handles offer a comfortable grip, allowing you to transport the bag with ease. Whether you’re walking to your hunting spot or need to carry the bag from your vehicle to the shooting range, these handles make the process hassle-free.

When closed, the Rifle Bag forms a tight seal, effectively making it dustproof. This feature ensures that no dust or debris can enter the bag, keeping your rifles clean and free from potential damage.

The Double Cattle Rail Rifle Bag is available in two sizes, 52″ and 58″, catering to most rifles, whether equipped with a scope or not. This versatility allows you to choose the appropriate size to accommodate your specific firearm requirements.

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Size Length Width Height
52″ 135 cm 15 cm 30 cm
58″ 150 cm 15 cm 30 cm

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52", 58"


Olive, Dark Grey, Navy


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