Bottle Holder Pump


The Pump Bottle Holder is a handy pouch to keep your water icy cold!

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The Pump Bottle Holder is a handy pouch to keep your cold drink icy cold! We kept our frozen water in the Bottle Holder in the car for the whole day and forgot to take it out. That evening we still had some ice in the bottle!

The outer layer of the Pump Bottle Holder is made from high-quality 420g ripstop canvas that can handle some rough treatment. Ripstop canvas is highly resistant to scuffing and tearing. The Bottle Holder is very well insulated with superiour reflective alumina fabric.

The Pump Bottle Holder also holds larger beer bottles.

We manufacture a variety of bottle holders to accommodate most bottles. Have a look here.

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Olive, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black


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