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The GameCarrier is used by hunters to carry or transport animal carcasses during hunting trips, while also preserving the quality of the meat and minimizing mess or damage.

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The Game Carrier is used by hunters to carry or transport animal carcasses during hunting trips. It serves as an essential resource that ensures the safe and convenient transportation of harvested game. It preserves the quality of the meat and minimizes mess or damage.

Constructed from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a robust and lightweight synthetic material, the Carcass Carrier offers exceptional durability and strength. PVC has resistance to moisture, abrasion, and corrosion, making it well-suited for outdoor and rugged environments. The material’s excellent resistance to damage ensures that the carrier can withstand the rigors of hunting trips and challenging conditions. The waterproof feature simplifies the cleaning process, allowing hunters to easily wipe or hose down the carrier. The PVC is welded together securely and will not let the contents leak.

The carrier features a rectangular shape measuring approximately 1.2 x 2 meters, providing ample space to accommodate various sizes of animal carcasses. Its design is optimized to maximize carrying capacity while maintaining a manageable and portable form factor. The top of the carrier is equipped with a sturdy zipper. It allows easy access to the interior and secure closure to prevent any leakage or odors.

To facilitate effortless transportation, the Game Carrier is equipped with webbing handles. These handles are securely stitched to the PVC material, ensuring a reliable and comfortable grip for hunters. The placement and design of the handles distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on the carrier and making it easier to carry over long distances.

Overall, the Game Carrier is a practical and efficient solution for hunters to carry their harvested game while keeping it protected, and contained.

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