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  • Bridle Rope or Strap

    Bridle Rope or Strap


    A Bridle Rope or Strap is a piece of equipment commonly used in vehicle recovery and towing operations. It is designed to distribute the force of the pull or load between two attachment points on a vehicle,

  • Kinetic Recovery Rope

    Kinetic Recovery Rope


    The Kinetic Recovery Rope is a game-changer in the world of off-road and towing solutions and lives up to its name by stretching up to an impressive 40%.

  • Recovery Strop Heavy Duty

    Heavy Duty Recovery Strops


    Heavy Duty Recovery Strops with a 250mm soft eye on each end is a solution for all your heavy-duty recovery needs. These strops are engineered with a focus on delivering superior performance and safety in demanding situations.

  • Snatch Straps

    Snatch Straps


    Snatch straps are essential tools for vehicle recovery, known for their unique construction and material characteristics. Crafted from nylon, snatch straps are designed to excel in stretching and harnessing kinetic energy during vehicle recovery operations. This inherent elasticity allows for a “snatching” effect, making them invaluable assets when pulling vehicles out of challenging situations.

  • Synthetic Winch Lines

    Synthetic Winch Line


    The Synthetic Winch Line is a game-changer for off-road enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. This innovative winch line is designed with a focus on lightweight functionality, strength and safety.

  • Tree Trunk Protectors

    Tree Trunk Protector


    The Tree Trunk Protector is an innovative solution crafted to protect both your vehicle and the environment. These protectors are manufactured from high-quality polyester webbing, offering a combination of low stretch, lightweight design, and exceptional durability.